March 31 - may 18

Gallery One

co/lab iii

Eight Los Angeles alternative art organizations collaborate with eight alternative art organization in order to present joint curatorial projects. 


 BBQLA / Axel Obiger
Dalton Warehouse /  COPYRIGHTberlin
Durden and Ray / HilbertRaum
ESXLA / Scotty e.V. 
Monte Vista Projects / Å+ 
 Elevator Mondays / ZK/U
Tiger Strikes Asteroid / oMo artspace


Gallery Two

Dreams & fevers

An exhibition of figurative paintings that examine psychologically charged spaces and subjectivity.
Featuring works by Atilio Pernisco, Rebecca Campbell, Joshua Hagler, Emily LaCour, and Alex Nguyen-Vo. 


dark room

meeting macguffing

an animated ecological thriller

Award-winning film by Catya Plate

Echo Chamber-2, 2017-2018, aluminum, delron, dichroic glass, led light panel, nylon, rubber, steel, 72”h x 25”w x 25”d.jpg


active measures

Sculptures by jamie Hamilton



June 1 - June 30 

Gallery One

studio system ii

8 regional, national, and international artists engage in a month long, in-house, Artist-in-Residency at TAM. 

Participating artists include:
Jodi Bonassi, Chenhung Chen, Tom Dunn, Hou You Feng, Anna Garner, Larry Gipe, Debbie and Larry Kline, Hagop Najarian, Khang Nguyen, Samuelle Richardson, Tyler Waxman