March 31 - may 18

Gallery One

co/lab iii

Eight Los Angeles alternative art organizations collaborate with eight alternative art organization in order to present joint curatorial projects. 


 BBQLA / Axel Obiger
Dalton Warehouse /  COPYRIGHTberlin
Durden and Ray / HilbertRaum
ESXLA / Scotty e.V. 
Monte Vista Projects / Å+ 
 Elevator Mondays / ZK/U
Tiger Strikes Asteroid / oMo artspace


Gallery Two

Dreams & fevers

An exhibition of figurative paintings that examine psychologically charged spaces and subjectivity.
Featuring works by Atilio Pernisco, Rebecca Campbell, Joshua Hagler, Emily LaCour, and others. 


dark room

meeting macguffing

an animated ecological thriller

Award-winning film by Catya Plate



active measures

Sculptures by jamie Hamilton



June 1 - June 30 

Gallery One

studio system ii

8 regional, national, and international artists engage in a month long, in-house, Artist-in-Residency at TAM. 

Participating artists include:
Jodi Bonassi, Chenhung Chen, Tom Dunn, Hou You Feng, Anna Garner, Larry Gipe, Debbie and Larry Kline, Hagop Najarian, Khang Nguyen, Samuelle Richardson, Tyler Waxman