Annette Ahn
Ellen Cantor
Dino Capaldi
Michael Chomick
Anita Dixon
Steven Fujimoto
Kevin Gilligan
Stella Kalinina
Yumi Kinoshita
Sandra E. Lauterbach
Emily Maddigan
Charity Malin
Alicia Martinez, with Alex Elena

Carlo M. Mata
John Montich
Vickie Myers
Suzanne Pratt
Cintia Segovia
Aneesa Shami
Ashish Sharma
Kate Sikorski
Howard Springer
Loa Sprung
Lowri Sprung
Alvin Takamori


What constitutes pretense, is that, in the end, you don’t know if it’s pretense or not.
— Jacques Lacan, Le seminaire, Livre III: Les psychoses

The artists in SMOKE AND MIRRORS investigate the nature of reality; how objects, memories, ideas come into being, how they persist and how they cease to exist. The works want to make ghosts appear in the flesh and, at the same time reveal their illusionary nature. These artists are magicians
of their trade, oblique translators of both physical and virtual environments, recreating stages and props, histories and identities. By exploring the space between known and unverifiable realities, they shed light on the infinite vagueness of the anthropocentric universe.

The exhibition encompasses video, sculpture, installation and performance and presents artists from Argentina, Finland, France, Italy, Germany and the United States.