Gallery One

South Bay Focus 2017


Dark Room

Very Unco

VERY UNCO is part two of an earlier screening, UNCO in 2013, of contemporary Australian Video art.

The sequel VERY UNCO further explores those works that manifest some kind of unco state of being. Unco or uncoordinated, a common Australian slang term growing up, was always about one’s body not performing well at sport. Here unco is re-interpreted and re-imagined within the context of recent Australian video art of things not quite right and just plain wrong. 

-Ian Haig, 2017

                      Kieran Boland                Satellite of the Blind
                      Cordelia Crosby             Nutbush  
                      Ian Haig                         Analogue
                      Kieran Seymour             Lensing
                      Miranda Darrer               I am a Jpeg this is me
                      Cassandra Tytler           Fiona71
                      Steven Rendall              Get on Up
                      Alden Epps                    Inner Power 3D
                      Brie Trenerry/Kieran Boland    Greenmount


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