Sibling Rivalries

January 16th - March 12, 2016

Opening Reception
Saturday, January 16, 2016 6-9pm

A moderated Curator and Artist panel discussion scheduled before the opening, 4pm.

Barnett Cohen
Matt Savitsky
Charles Garabedian
Daniel Payavis
Michael John Kelly
Dwyer Kilcollin
Liz Craft
Jamie Felton
Tim Hawkinson
Annelie McKenzie
Alison Blickle
Harry Dodge
Joel Otterson
Stephanie Washburn

Leah Dixon
Erin Dunn
Ashley Garrett
Christopher Joy
Zachary Keeting
Tatiana Kronberg
Jaeeun Lee
Sharon Madanes
C Michael Norton
Adrianne Rubenstein
Leah Tacha
Tracy Thomason
Brian Wood
Etty Yaniv

The Torrance Art Museum is pleased to present Sibling Rivalries, a group exhibition of work by artists based in New York City and Los Angeles. The exhibition comprises the work of fourteen New York artists paired with the work of fourteen Los Angeles artists.

The curators, Max Presneill and Ashley Garrett, approached eleven emerging and experimental art spaces in the New York area and asked the curators of these spaces to nominate fourteen emerging New York artists. These fourteen New Yorkers then chose fourteen corresponding Los Angeles artists whose work spoke to, inspired and/or informed their own practices.

Taking as its point of departure the historic competition between the East and West coasts, Sibling Rivalries transforms the traditional, ‘competitive’ understanding of the term. In this exhibition, ‘rivalry’ expands to encompass a dynamic interaction between art practices occurring in the two primary art and culture production centers of the United States. This exhibition sees the dynamic tension of East Coast, West Coast rivalry as a productive form capable of illuminating contrasting approaches to mutual concerns.