Torrance Art Museum Proposals

Torrance Art Museum (TAM) accepts proposals for Projects and exhibitions.

The museum Accepts proposals for group exhibitions and projects.
Proposals for solo exhibitions will not be considered.

Individual artists are welcome to share their work and/or practice through an online portfolio, website, or in cases of video/film work, links to a reel or selections of their works. Physical portfolio submissions are also accepted by mail only. Please see below for details. All submissions will be accepted for consideration and review for potential inclusion in future programming.

TAM does not accept proposals to host exhibitions for juried shows, non-art special interest groups, amateur artists or non-curated/ non-themed exhibitions.


I.  View and/or download the TAM floor plans.  This will assist you in how your proposed project may fit into our available space.

II.  Fill out the provided submission form below or post physical materials to:

Torrance Art Museum
TAM Proposal Submission
3320 Civic Center Drive
Torrance, CA 90503 

All proposals must include the following materials.

  • Images representing the work in the proposal or for review. In the case of physical submission, they can be furnished through an enclosed USB drive or optical disc (CD, DVD or HD/Blu-Ray).

  • A curatorial statement that includes a project description and/or scope, prospective artists for the show and how they fit within the curatorial understanding of the proposed exhibition, and descriptions of work/s the show looks to spotlight;
    or an artist’s statement the includes a description of the individual’s practice as well as the series (or multiple series) of work the proposal seeks to highlight. These statements should address source material, concepts and justifications for the proposal.

  • Proposals for exhibitions should include a prospective budget.

  • List all participants in your proposed project along with corresponding CV/Resumes for all artists.

Materials will not be returned.

Contact information should be included on all materials:


Proposals will not be returned. While we appreciate the work put in by all those who do submit, please do not follow up on your proposal with TAM staff. All proposals and that are being considered for future projects will be contacted by TAM staff as will proposals for group shows.