place where, before, In A In

A Solo exhibition by Kim Zumpfe
In collaboration with Jennifer Saparzedeh

JANUARY 19 – MARCH 9, 2019

White Fence Image to Print.jpeg

Opening Reception
and performance

January 19, 2018
6 – 9 PM


This installation, video, and performance project is rooted in the critical potentials of the still life: fruit, products and waste, consumption, leftovers, queer shapes and sounds - all framed by the still life’s relationship to ownership of materials and land. Visual boundaries such as fences and buildings create divides in experience that often impacts people’s sense of belonging, commonality, place, and behavior within shared geographies. These forms of still life that overlap between the American exotic and mundane - for the taking and consuming - provide an alternate experience with materials that are understood in limited ways through consumption capitalism.

This is a distancing of the personal - not drained of meaning, but infused with a relative isolation through the effects of exaggerated differentiation. A still life can provide an experience of place where the possibilities of coherence can be expanded, a challenge to the cultural desire of freedom through notions of independence and individualization and the destructive and disempowering forces of isolation.


About the artists

Kim Zumpfe is an artist and educator who lives and works in California. Through individual and collaborative work, the built environment and social organization are resituated as a way to address the deep entwinement between materials, space, and sociality as models of relations. Experimental forms of participation and working together are organized as a way to explore and expand how convergences and aggregates of knowledge are formed beyond the individual. Primarily working in installation, she considers how objects, images, video, performance, and space can create possibilities of encounters where there might be a collapse of identity, intimacy, and systems of influence. Relationships between the body and architecture are engaged in locations where multiple bodies develop, displace, produce, and forget to maintain boundaries. Zumpfe works to expand alternate possibilities in the order of things through working with architectures that engage with space as a psychology and qualities of bent time(s) including the provisional, unstable, and illegible.

Zumpfe’s work has been exhibited at Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions (LACE), Grand Central Art Center Santa Ana, Audain Gallery Vancouver, Diverseworks Houston, Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego, Hammer Museum, Human Resources Los Angeles, Los Angeles Contemporary Archive (LACA), UCR Culver Center for the Arts Riverside, University Art Gallery Irvine, and several public and online sites.

Jennifer Saparzadeh is a visual artist and musician. Through her moving image works and songs she expresses personal and collective oppression, and a steadfast desire for and belief in freedom. Diaristic in nature and often relating to her home language of Farsi, her films have screened at the Museum of Contemporary Art Los Angeles, the Edinburgh International Film Festival, Media City Film Festival, the Echo Park Film Center, and many sweet spaces across the world. Her music is currently taking shape and being shared live in intimate settings.