V & B (Alex Jacobs and Ellemieke Schoenmaker), Digital Spirit, 2018  Courtesy of Amber Solo

V & B (Alex Jacobs and Ellemieke Schoenmaker), Digital Spirit, 2018
Courtesy of Amber Solo

Torrance Art Museum is pleased to present
CO/LAB 4, an international, collaborative project which presents eight artist-run galleries and collectives from Los Angeles partnering with eight artist-run spaces from Rotterdam. Sixteen organizations combine their ingenuity to design eight unique curatorial projects.

TAM's Co/Lab series expands the creative horizons, linking regional art groups and alternative spaces from Los Angeles with their peers from around the world. TAM encourages this spirit of dialogue and the international exchange of ideas from different cultures - this time the Netherlands. These collaborations can reflect significant trends, indicating potential future directions and introducing the public to the next generation of artists. The ambition is to see this project reach out to all 4 corners of the globe and to establish Torrance, via TAM, as the location that brings us the global best of new art.

Philine van den Hul, People’s Posing (detail), 2018 Courtesy of Assembled by Root

Philine van den Hul, People’s Posing (detail), 2018
Courtesy of Assembled by Root


Amber Solo Gallery is a new international art-collective run by a combination of young and mid-career artists. Additionally she curates contemporary installations to present the work and to explore the complex relations between creation and business. Amber is driven by the possibilities of digital sales of physical artworks. All participating artists have an equal share in the gallery.

Assembled by Root is a contemporary art gallery that believes the rapid changes and developments we are currently experiencing call for a new outlook on the role galleries play in the support and management of artists and art lovers. Exploring art should be simple, fun, accessible and convenient. Therefore, we offer both an online and offline gallery combined with local art related events. We search for emerging talents, who create with their heart and soul, every day. We see artists developing and growing; we get in touch with them and follow them for a while. And the ones we truly believe in we present to you.

De Aanschouw is founded on July 6, 2001 by Frank Taal. The small window claims his own space on a public wall attached to cafe De Schouw. Every thursday evening at 9pm a new artwork from various disiplines is exhibited. More then 900 artists have shown their work and presented their ideas about the meaning this display has in public space. That the Aanschouw is adjacent to a public place is more than a nice extra. After all; an important element was, is and remains the meeting. A constant changing of co-curating artist maintain the weekly new shows.

DE PLAYER is a polymorphic production platform in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, which produces interdisciplinary programs and publications on the cutting edge of performance art, experimental music and the visual arts. We emphasise the importance of sound, and the performance and positioning of sound within the visual arts and contemporary experimental music.

Issues such as language, character, notation, sound, communication, community, shaping, transformation, use / abuse, conducting is discussed. We depart from concepts in anti-copyright, recycling, coding, post-punk, circuit bending, outsourcing, amateurism, file sharing, networking, pop culture, concrete poetry, nuclear processes, destruction, guerrilla, romance, electronic literature, etcetera to shape, form, texture and focus the senses.

IG: @de_player_rotterdam
contact: info@deplayer.nl


Foundation B.a.d was founded in 1987, when a group of art students occupied a decommissioned bath house. Since 1991, Foundation B.a.d has been situated in a former school building in the south of the Rotterdam. B.a.d’s principal aim is to provide studios to its 20 members, guest studios for local an international artists, and a venue for presentations and events. The location includes also a large hall and garden, both of which can be used by members and guests for artistic and social activities. All of these qualities make Foundation B.a.d an enjoyable and productive place for artists to work and stay.

contact: stichtingbad@foundationbad.nl

Het Plafond LOGO.jpg

HET PLAFOND (‘The Ceiling’) invites artists to explore the architectural and artistic potential of the space above one’s head by building site-specific installations at the ceiling of HET PLAFOND. The space is part of the private apartment of Guus Vreeburg (art historian) and Willem Besselink (visual artist) but visible from a public sidewalk right in the center of Rotterdam through a large shop window. This allows all passers by to admire all projects 24/7. Since HET PAFOND was founded in 1997, some 60 artists from various creative disciplines have contributed projects in a diverse range of concepts and media.

contact: guus@hetplafond.nl

MADLAB logo.png

MADLAB studio is an independent artist-run space, which offers its members and other young artists the chance to create and present work outside institutionalized parameters. For Co/Lab its members will travel to LA to create an impromptu, site-specific project with an, as of yet, unknown outcome.

The project was conceived in the winter of 2017 by four freshly graduated artists moving from Amsterdam to Rotterdam in search of a studio space for their collective. They found an old shop, and spent the following six months renovating the space. After an intense period of painting, rebuilding and cleaning, the space was transformed into the MADLAB studio.

IG: @the_madlab
contact: madlabcrew@gmail.com

Nathan Favot
Laura Grimm
Sasha Herman
Djeuwke Eggink
Roland Spitzer

RAAR logo R black.jpg

RAAR (Rotterdam Art And Radio) is a nomadic, live streaming platform for artists working with sound and anything audible.

IG: @rotterdam.art.and.radio/

March 30 – May 17, 2019

Opening reception on Saturday, March 30th

3:30 PM, March 30th
Talk by Guus Vreeberg, Co-Owner of Het Plafond

Gus Vreeburg delivered a special presentation on the cultural climate of Rotterdam and introduce the 8 Rotterdam galleries/collectives participating in CO/LAB 4.

6:00 PM, Opening Reception

TAM hosted an Opening Reception for CO/LAB 4. Representatives from the sixteen participating collectives were present.

The opening featured a special mobile exhibition Common Survival curated by the Institute of Queer Ecology in the Gas gallery truck by Ceci Moss.

Listen to a special live podcast by RAAR (Rotterdam Art And Radio) created during the CO/LAB 4 opening reception on March 30th: http://mixlr.com/raar/showreel/

Sophie de Vos, It Was Never Meant To Be Black, from Time Is All I’ve Got, 2018 Courtesy of Assembled by Root

Sophie de Vos, It Was Never Meant To Be Black, from Time Is All I’ve Got, 2018
Courtesy of Assembled by Root

Participating Spaces

Los Angeles


Acceptable Risk LA is a Los Angeles-based artist collective established by former members of the FORUM mentorship program at the Torrance Art Museum.  This cohort of artists, curators, and writers is focused on staging exhibitions and activities that challenge current ideas about art practices, collective models for art world engagement, and the contemporary art world at large.  ARLA’s projects thus far have been nomadic, spread throughout LA and mirroring the sprawl of the city, but ARLA plans to eventually establish a centralized space while continuing to produce pop-up events.

IG: @acceptableriskla


Durden and Ray, founded in 2009, is comprised of 25 artist/curators who create exhibition opportunities at their downtown Los Angeles gallery as well as work with artist groups and galleries around the world to develop international exchanges as a commitment to global artistic research, interaction, and alternative networks.

IG: @durdenandray
Twitter: @DurdenandRay


DXIX is an artist run project house in Venice, CA that seeks to contribute to the thriving diversity of the art context in Los Angeles.  We facilitate exchanges, collaborations and conversations among artists, curators, writers and audiences to create exhibitions, workshops, events, publications and other culturally significant materials.

IG: @dxixprojects  


LAVA Projects is an artist run project space created to help bring cutting edge contemporary art to the Los Angeles community.

IG: @lava_projects
contact: info@lavaprojectsgallery.com

mandujano_cell_logo_final copy.png

_mandujano/cell comprises two parts. cell is a project space organized by Juan Capistran. cell seeks to infect by organizing projects and exhibitions with artists locally, nationally and internationally. mandujano is a book shop curated by Hazel Mandujano that specializes in low edition and multiples, rare books and objects produced by artists and small publishers.

Instagram @mandujano__cell
ontact: info@mandujano-cell.com


Monte Vista Projects is a Los Angeles based artist-run collective established in 2007. Through exhibitions, lectures, events, and performances, MVP serves as a place to share ideas and cultivate exhibitions that question existing artistic frameworks. Monte Vista Projects collaborates with local, national, and international artist-run spaces. We prioritize working with under-represented artists to broaden access to artistic discourse.

IG: @montevistaprojects
contact: infomvpmail@gmail.com

Debra Broz
Rakeem Cunnigham
Danny Escalante
Andy Fedak
Roberta Gentry
Emily Blythe Jones
Kellan Barnebey King
Justin Michell
Chris Miller

download (1).jpg

ODD ARK • LA, founded in 2018, is an artist-run space located in Highland Park, Los Angeles, California. A platform for contemporary art, exhibitions, performance, special projects and sound works. A core value of the gallery is to responsibly interact with the local community while creating an exhibition program that supports gender diversity and those that have been under valued in the arts, focusing and working with emerging and mid-career artists.

ODD ARK•LA is also the creator and organizer behind the fine-art focused Artists Swap-Meet in the Los Angeles area with participation of over 200 local artists.

IG: @odd_ark_la

TSA Network Logo big.jpg

Tiger Strikes Asteroid is a network of artist-run spaces with locations in Philadelphia, New York, Los Angeles and Chicago. Each space is independently operated and focuses on presenting a varied program of emerging and mid-career artists. Our goal is to collectively bring people together, expand connections and build community through artist-initiated exhibitions, projects, and curatorial opportunities. We seek to further empower the artist’s role beyond that of studio practitioner to include the roles of curator, critic, and community developer; and to act as an alternate model to the conventions of the current commercial art market.

Tiger Strikes Asteroid is a 501c3 federally tax-exempt non-profit arts organization.

IG: @tsa_la
contact: tigerstrikesasteroidla@gmail.com

Exhibition Supported in part by

Special support and travel assistance provided by CBK Rotterdam.

Special support and travel assistance provided by CBK Rotterdam.

Special support and travel assistance provided by Stroom Den Haag

Special support and travel assistance provided by Stroom Den Haag

Exhibition supported in part by the Office of the German Consulate General in Los Angeles

Exhibition supported in part by the Office of the German Consulate General in Los Angeles