Baker's Dozen 6

MARCH 25 - MAY 19, 2017

Baker's Dozen is intended to act as a review of sorts. It is a survey of thirteen artists whose work made an impression upon the curators in the last year. These thirteen reflect current directions in Southern Californian contemporary art practices. gleaned from the materials and themes they engage in. Of course to some degree, the selections within this exhibition reflect our own preconceptions and biases but we believe that on a deeper level this exhibition locates in important nexuses of artistic endeavor at this moment in history. 

Participating artists:
Carlos Beltran Arechiga, David Eddington, Kim Garcia, Michelle Carla Handel, Julie Henson, Lisa Hoffner, Bessie Kunath, Molly Larkey, Lauren Marsolier, Danny McCaw, Kottie Paloma, Jesse Standlea and Panos Tsagaris

Exhibition Catalog available here