Auratic Geometries

A Grammar of Period Furniture
and Periodic Eversion

An exhibition of works by Ryan Taber

March 30 — May 17, 2019

Opening Reception:
March 30, 6 PM

Torrance Art Museum is pleased to present a new exhibition of the works of Ryan Taber. A Los Angeles—based artist working in sculpture, installation, photography and mixed-media, Taber’s newest exhibition at TAM features the sculptural result of his visual research into the connected history of industrialization and colonialism.

Auratic Geometries: A Grammar of Period Furniture and Periodic Eversion features works from a number of Taber’s ongoing projects that explore the cultural and economic significance, mythologies and representations of historic furniture and decorative objects. Throughout the exhibition, these works reference designs from the 1790s through the 1960s that have played an important role in defining the design history and cultural identity of the Americas from the colonial occupation through the end of the Modern period. Some of these pieces are based on designs that originated in other geographies and cultures and were adopted and ideologically repurposed in new colonial territories. Others are the product of individuals and groups searching for a new design language to define a different way of living in a new world. The works in this exhibition consider conditions and processes that imbue furniture objects with ideologies through the intention of designers and patrons, historical narratives and mythologies.