Active Measures

Sculptures by jamie hamilton

Active Measures, 2017-2018, aluminum, dichroic glass, rubber, steel, 46”h x 84”w x 84”d.jpg

Jamie Hamilton presents a new body of sculptural work titled Active Measures, a Russian term for opportunistic tactical operations that attempt to influence the world events.  Using raw surplus materials such as magnets, aluminum from the aerospace industry and dichroic glass from optical laboratories, the artist has made biological-mechanical objects that conjur wondrous and terrifying aspects of our post-human condition. Contrast of scale, recursivity and reflection introduce great complexity into precise forms, confusing and dazzling the viewer. The positive ambiguity of Hamilton’s Active Measures captures attention and invites further investigation rather than manipulation as in the case of covert politics.

Compound Growth, 2016-2018, aluminum, dichroic glass, rubber, 35”h x 110”w x 50”d.jpg

about the artist

Jamie Hamilton is a sculptor and aerialist based in Los Angeles.  Drawing from a varied background in sport, music and building, Hamilton's interdisciplinary work arises from curiosity about the limits of the body, knowledge and materials. Building wood, concrete and steel structures for Judy Pfaff, working with Tom Joyce and Bruce Nauman, and as a rigger has solidified a knowledge of material and working processes that informs his artwork. Described by ARTnews as a “free-wheeling modern-day Leonardo,” Hamilton makes an art of pursuing balance in precarious circumstances, evoking both mythic themes and contemporary dilemmas.

Echo Chamber, 2017-2018, aluminum, delron, dichroic glass, led light panel, nylon, rubber, steel, 72”h x 25”w x 25”d.jpg