In 2017 & 2018, TAM ACTIVATED featured performing artists and ensembles expanding the boundaries of music, dance and contemporary theater. 


2017-2018 program:

Curated by Daniel Rothman.

  • Matt Barbier
    Sunday 12/10/17 from 3–4:30 PM

  • Sean Griffin
    Opera Povera composer + director
    with Micaela Tobin + Sharon Chohi Kim
    Saturday 4/14/18 from 3pm

  • Milka Djordjevich
    CORPS (in a museum)
    **postponed until further notice**

  • LASE (Los Angeles Saxophone Ensemble)
    Modular LA–based saxophone ensemble
    Ulrich Krieger, Casey Andserson, Casey Butler and Marta Tiesenga
    Saturday 12/15/2018, starting at 3 PM


Matt Barbier

Sunday 12/10/17 from 3-4:30pm

FREE admission.

Matt Barbier collaborates with Davíð Brynjar Franzson,  Chaya Czernowin, Adiantum Capillus-Veneris I, and Michelle Lou to perform with the trombone and unexpected experimental electronics.


Sean Griffin

Saturday 4/14/18 starting at 3pm

FREE admission

Whether inventing a language, or composing hysteric choreographic and choral methodologies, concert music works, film scores, operas, and devised music theater, or creating hundreds of numerically-conceived collages and drawings, intuitive and experimental music practices lie at the foundation of Opera Povera Director Sean Griffin’s works.


Milka Djordjevich

**Postponed until further notice**

FREE admission.

CORPS (in a museum) examines the crossover between traditional, militaristic, ritualistic, athletic, and folk movement forms. Dancers yo-yo between concealing and revealing, dispersing and aligning, collapsing and rectifying, creating an engine that moves through space and evolves over time.


Los Angeles Saxophone Ensemble

Saturday 12/15/18 starting at 3pm

FREE admission.

LASE (Los Angeles Saxophone Ensemble) is a new and modular saxophone ensemble in LA. It focuses on non-traditional and experimental repertoire for four and more saxophones. LASE programs range from loud drone and noise music to ultra-quiet reductionism to experimental work in the American tradition and original works by the group members.

The core performer-composer group consists of Ulrich Krieger, Casey Andserson, Casey Butler and Marta Tiesenga.