TAM ACTIVATED features performing artists and ensembles expanding the boundaries of music, dance and contemporary theater.
Curated by Daniel Rothman.




This year's program includes:

  • Matt Barbier
    Sunday 12/10/17 from 3-4:30pm
  • Sean Griffin
    Opera Povera composer + director
    with Micaela Tobin + Sharon Chohi Kim
    Saturday 4/14/18 from 3pm
  • Milka Djordjevich
    CORPS (in a museum)
    **postponed until further notice**
  • Southland Ensemble
    Contemporary chamber ensemble

Matt Barbier

Sunday 12/10/17 from 3-4:30pm

FREE admission.

Matt Barbier collaborates with Davíð Brynjar Franzson,  Chaya Czernowin, Adiantum Capillus-Veneris I, and Michelle Lou to perform with the trombone and unexpected experimental electronics.


Sean Griffin

Saturday 4/14/18 starting at 3pm

FREE admission

Whether inventing a language, or composing hysteric choreographic and choral methodologies, concert music works, film scores, operas, and devised music theater, or creating hundreds of numerically-conceived collages and drawings, intuitive and experimental music practices lie at the foundation of Opera Povera Director Sean Griffin’s works.


Milka Djordjevich

**Postponed until further notice**

FREE admission.

CORPS (in a museum) examines the crossover between traditional, militaristic, ritualistic, athletic, and folk movement forms. Dancers yo-yo between concealing and revealing, dispersing and aligning, collapsing and rectifying, creating an engine that moves through space and evolves over time.


Southland Ensemble

Program date TBA

FREE admission.

Formed in 2013, Southland Ensemble is contemporary chamber ensemble dedicated to the interpretation and performance of experimental music.