Children ages 6 - 11 years old, and their parents, meet the Torrance Art Museum for storytelling and to tour the current exhibitions. Following the tour, the participants create artwork related to the themes and experience of the exhibition in the Children’s Art Wing of the Torrance Cultural Arts Center. Library booklist with related topics can be acquired at the end of the Workshop. 
PLEASE NOTE: Children Ages 6 - 11 must be accompanied by an adult at all times.


Part One (4-5pm : Meet at the Torrance Art Museum (3320 Civic Center Drive) for storytelling and touring the exhibition. Part Two (5-6pm): Children’s Art Wing of the Torrance Cultural Arts Center (3330 Civic Center Drive) for making arts and crafts activity.


Register by calling 310-781-7163 or send an email request to Jason Jenn, Outreach Specialist at JJenn@TorranceCA.gov


We meet twice an exhibition on Thursdays from 4-6PM
Our Next Scheduled Sessions are:
Thursday, October 24, 2019 from 4 - 6 PM
Thursday, November 14, 2019 from 4 - 6 PM


Below are some images and text results from the our Summer Session, for the exhibition GENERATION W(ar).
Participants in the program made paintings to advocate for peace, and wrote answers to the prompt “War is…”

War is...

Bad (Lazarus); a bad thing in the world (Misa).
It is when a group of people that fight like when America fought for freedom (Ayaka). Or two groups fighting for something (Arquim). A battle with soldiers and enemies with weapons and they fight (Roseanne).

It is a bad thing. Not a lot of people think it is a good thing,
but I think it’ s OK if there is no other choice (Courtney).

War is...
A horrible thing that can destroy hundreds of lives (Mirei).
It is violent because there is shooting and killing (Jenny).
It is mean, dangerous, bad and sad (BPJP).
Dangerous, but cool because you might burn your hand...
but that is what happened a long time ago (Natalie).
I think war is cool, but war is dangerous. It looks scary, but it includes the
bravest with guns and bombs and explosions and fire.
It will only drag people in there (Adil)

It IS dangerous (Liam, Takumi, Rui, Inez).

War is...
Scary because they shoot bombs (Rineh) and
sad because his mom and dad were sad (Alex).
It is scary (Linnaea),
scary and cool (Quade),
raw (Illium) and
messy (Mary).

War is a long and depressing time (Celine).



Download a reading list of books that introduce children to contemporary and abstract art.