Upcoming exhibitions

June 7 – July 26, 2014
Opening Reception: Saturday 7June, 6-9pm

- Surveillance and The Flaneur
The exhibition will examine the relationship between the notion of the Flaneur and the City derive under the pressure of being watched via CTV cameras and monitoring. How does one engage with the disinterested observations of the wandering eye when self-consciousness about being both the observer and the observed interfere with the experience?
Curated by Max Presneill and Lisa DeSmidt


Shagha Ariannia
Lindsay Bottos
Sergio Bromberg
Tyler Calkin
Sophie Calle
Henri Cartier-Bresson
Zavier Ellis
Darren Hostetter
Kiel Johnson
Susan Logerici
Alexis Milne
MAP: Mobile Arts Platform
Mark Nelson
Dane Picard
Kari Reardon

Special Opening Screenings by:
Vito Acconci
Jenny Holzer
Sterling Ruby

Gallery Two: V&B – A painting duo from the Netherlands.

The Dark Room Presents: From Far Away Across The Universe.- Elizabeth Withstandley

Online: The Artist as Cartographer: Maps and the Journeys That Made Them. Cristina Barroso, Anna Bella Geiger, Jeff Rau, and Lisa C Soto. Curated by James Scarborough



August 23 – October 18
Opening Reception: Saturday 23 August, 6-9pm

Another Thing Coming
– new sculpture in LA
Curated by Max Presneill and Chris Reynolds

Gallery Two – Want To Live In Los Angeles, Not The One In Los Angeles – New Art From Paris
Camille Blatrix, Benjamin Ferrachat, Robin Margerin, Justine Ponthieux, Ana Vega.

The Dark Room Presents: Time Is Love.7, 22 video works curated by Kisito Assangni

Online: Never Underestimate a Monochrome.
Batchelor, David (Scotland/UK), Chapela, Emilio (Mexico), Corder, Jason (Kenya), Davidovich, Jaime (Argentina), Dubner, Bruno (Argentina), Duran, Maria Jose (Chile/USA), Faruqee, Anoka (USA), Fisher, Stacy (USA), Friedman, Ken (Australia), Golkar, Babak (Canada), Grabner, Michelle (USA), Gruner, Billy / Keighery, Sarah (Australia), Hallard, Brent (Japan/USA), Harland, Beth (UK), Harlow, Lynne (USA), Hettmansperger, Sue (USA), Odita, Odili Donald (Nigeria), Okura, Naoshi (Japan/Sweden), Peisajovich, Karina 1 / 2 (Argentina), Pineapple Park (Australia), Roberts, Dai (UK), Sami, Huseyin (Australia), Sanchez, Lizi (Peru/UK), Sbrissa, Claudia (Canada/Italy/USA), Stroebe, Suzanne (USA), Tabatabai, Hadi (Iran/USA), Tibayan, Sherwin (Philippines/USA), Witmer, Douglas 1 / 2 / 3 (USA), Zabala, Horacio (Argentina), Zarate, Patricia (Colombia/USA). Curated by Mariangeles Soto-Diaz

SEPTEMBER: Speaking In Tongues - language and the inherent difficulties of communication
Utcity Museum of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, China

November 8 – December 5

The Dark Room Presents: artvideoKOELN international, from Cologne, Germany

Gallery Two: SBF