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Join us for the opening reception of our Summer Exhibitions

Main Gallery : GENERATION W(ar)

Curated by Ichiro Irie and Max Presneill

21-year olds have never lived during a time when the US was not at war. How and where can we see this reflected in the art works of our time? Where does patriotism end and nationalism begin? How much militarism in a democracy is too much?

This exhibition explores our intersection between art and warfare, of artists who focus their art practice toward political expression and social critique of the institutionalization of war into the fabric of society.These artists investigate the mechanisms behind the militarization of society, the embedding of the warrior culture, the invisibility of things in plain sight and the daily relationship to war that underlies the culture at large.

Featuring: Shusuke Ao, Josh Azzarella, Vanessa Beecroft, Dan Van Clapp, Melanie Friend, Shaun Gladwell, Ben Jackel, Jerome Lagarrigue, Dinh Q Lê, Hillary Mushkin, Simon Norfolk, Kim Rugg, Joaquín Segura, Allison Stewart, Yoram Wolberger, and a special screening by Harun Farocki.

Gallery Two: Run Straight Through

Curated by Kate Mothes, this exhibition presents 4 rising stars in the contemporary painting scene. Featuring works by: Thom Trojanowski, Tahnee Lonsdale, Michael Nauert, and Kristy Luck

How can contemporary painting register the experience of those who travel, migrate, and pass through borders of the world? Run Straight Through is a curatorial project conceived around the notion of physical presence and movement through an exploration of figuration, landscape, and the abstract. The exhibition features four artists based between Los Angeles and London whose works draw connections between place and body; the landscapes that we inhabit, and that inhabit us.