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Performance by Jorge Espinosa M

October 14, 2017, 2 - 3 PM


This is a collaborative project between three Ecuadorian artists living in different parts of the world: Jorge Espinosa in Los Ángeles, Fabiano Kueva in Quito and Elena Vargas in Madrid. Unjoliday discusses ideas of protection, survival and stagnation -- ideas that are intrinsically related to the intention of crossing a border while looking for a new life.

This is an exploration of four different borders chosen based on their long, tense history and their importance in current events related to mass migration, and discriminate violations of human and nature rights.

Borders present multiple and complex realities. In some cases, these are natural frontiers delimitating fertile or safe areas. But these natural accidents could be transmuted into a judicial statement, a forced thing that prevents any unwanted people to access those areas. Therefore, individuals define their lives by which side of the border they belong to. Separating people at a given geographical area divides everyone into legal and illegal human beings, and might also determine who is in possession of has human rights.


More info: unjoliday.com and jorgeespinosam.com

Photo credits: Center for Contemporary Art, Quito, Ecuador. 2017.