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Special TAM Volunteers Only:

Art21 // Art in the Twenty-first Century


FRIDAY APRIL 8TH, 2016 @ 3 - 5 PM

TAM will be hosting the second in a series of volunteer-only art education screenings and field trips. This series seeks to inform and expose our volunteers to the aesthetics, discussions and themes of contemporary art.

At the dawn of the 21st century, American artists are taking self-expression and the artistic process into uncharted territory. Today's artists are engaging the world and their audiences in vital and surprising new ways. They use an enormous variety of media and draw on sources ranging from pop culture and politics to ethnic heritage, classical models, and deeply personal life experiences. The artists featured in the series represent a cross-section of contemporary art practices and philosophies, and hail from different regions of the United States.

How does contemporary art address the idea of place? How do artists working today reveal and question commonly held assumptions about land, home, and national identity? The "Art in the Twenty-First Century" documentary “Place” explores these questions through the work of LAURIE ANDERSON, RICHARD SERRA, SALLY MANN, BARRY MCGEE, MARGARET KILGALLEN, and PEPÓN OSORIO.

"America is a country made of places," writes curator Thelma Golden, "not just the places marked by road signs and maps, but also the less tangible but no less meaningful places forged in the crucible of memory, longing and desire."